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Butterfly Club


What if you could safely and effortlessly expose your most deeply hidden limiting beliefs and pains so you transmute them into courage, compassion, and belief… Plus rediscover how to tap into your inherent powers to easily unleash, achieve and thrive… on a regular basis. Would you agree that your life would then be propelled to new, exciting, and unprecedented heights?


Be The Self-Sustaining Generator Of Your Own Power.

Without having to resort to something or someone outside of you to feel good, in control, enough, validated or approved of. Imagine trusting yourself so much that your self-doubt melts into certainty and confidence…Who would you be then? What would be possible for you?

REAL transformation requires courage and commitment… along with a supportive community who is there to help you move through the darkness and transmute your deepest fears while you further your vision, passions, and unique self-expression.

Join me and my international network of visionary changemakers, as we restore, recharge and reconnect to our true calling and create the life we imagined.


Sneak Peek at the Butterfly Club Philosophy


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Monthly : $29.95

Yearly (One Time) : $330


The B-Club Praise

Diana PintoA year ago I found myself in a very dark and unforgiving place. I had lost drive, purpose, interest and sadly, myself along the process. I turned to faith as an anchor but it wasn’t enough, realizing that my demons continued to haunt me on a daily basis. As an analytical human being, I wanted answers, tools, and direction.

I needed to do the work – and that is when I met the phenomenal Osmara. She welcomed me with open arms into the Butterfly Club, where I immediately felt a sense of belonging and safety. During our first call, Osmara revealed two things that would be essential in my unleashing – support and accountability. It felt like milk and honey in a world full of ashes. These two powerful words would propel me from autopilot to a place of introspection, awareness and growth.

Each meeting is carefully crafted to nurture our soul, increase our awareness, and serve as a guide to our ultimate unleashing. In hearing other’s journey and sharing my own, I am filled with courage to continue to unveil my purpose and the magic the universe has already created for me. It has not been easy, but it has been absolutely worth it. I am honored to be a proud ambassador of the Butterfly Club.

Diana Pinto | Founder + CEO, Learning Matters, Inc.

Paula EchevarriaDo you believe in miracles? As a career woman who has been taught her entire life that “nothing is handed to you in a silver platter and life is what you make of it (and you better not end up in the kitchen),” neither did I. I was in control of all aspects of my life, from my education, career, job to the “esteemed” people I surrounded myself with. I was miserable.

Nothing was ever good enough. Nothing was ever challenging enough, I couldn’t satiate the unstoppable thirst that thrived in me. If I had done everything right how come I felt so empty? It obviously caught up with me and in a matter of weeks my universe crumbled in front of me leaving me with no control of anything around me…until I received a phone call that changed my life…

If there was a place I had to be it was in the Butterfly Club. I had been taught to neglect the only part of me that would ever make me whole; my soul, and I found it here. Now I know I grow stronger than ever, and I join this group of courageous soul warriors in spreading the love that will make us all happier, fulfilled, conscious beings.

Paula Echevarria | Segment Producer – Telemundo Networks

Judy LaraThere are very few places outside of your own thoughts where you can feel “safe.” Without the confines of propriety or social standards you can travel to a place where your fears of stating your exact feelings, without any sugarcoating can be verbalized. I am part of such a place.

These past few months I have become comfortable with my own thoughts. The Butterfly Club has given me a sense of being “content” with my feelings whatever they may be. My experience in the Butterfly Club has taught me how to almost step outside my body during a “situation,” applaud and whisper, “Good Girl…Well said…Well done.”

Judy Lara | Wife/Mother/Writer/Businesswoman

Zuseth AmadorI started this spiritual path about a year ago. I was like a magnet, automatically drawn to Osmara. I read somewhere that she talked about “Awakening from Auto-Pilot,” and I said to myself, I gotta meet this chick! I was instantly attracted to her positive message, compassion, unshakeable beliefs, unprecedented action, and explosive energy.

I am totally aware now that I am not the same person I used to be. My old habits /way of thinking were no longer serving me. Being in a dark space for so long, I realized that society fools you to believe that this is how you must live the rest of your life. I always knew there was something better for me, but now I actually live it.

Being a part of this tribe impacted me to be the observer in my life, feel to heal, and use these ingenious tools to shift and raise the bar for myself and others. From the monthly meetings, to the “check in calls,” and the resources/information we’re exposed to – I stand here and say this stuff works and is potent. I look forward to growing with the B-Club. Let’s unleash it, baby!

Zuseth Amador | Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa

Stay tuned for more: March 2014



Lectures. Workshops. Presentations.

Osmara Vindel SPEAKING

On stage, Osmara has the innate ability to engage and connect with her audience on both, an emotional and intellectual levels.

Mixing her passion for social entrepreneurship, the art of yoga, and personal mastery, Osmara incorporates cutting edge scientific knowledge in a way that weaves the story together for her audience.

She mixes heavy subjects such as relevant principles of neuroscience and quantum mechanics with applicable life tools in a way that ensures understanding, assimilation, results and real empowerment.


For more information on Osmara’s presentations, workshops and speaking services, please contact us. (Limited availability.)

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